Week 13, 11/21-11/27:

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 11

Water as a Resource


Unit (Chapter) Plan:
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Abilities Acquired
(what you learned)

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 Contents (topics):

The Global Distribution of Water
The Hydrologic Cycle || Precipitation and Evaporation Patterns ||  Surface Water-River and Lakes || Ground Water || Ice Caps and Glaciers ||  Surface Runoff, Floods and Flood Control
Our Use of Water
 Water Usage and Consumption || Restoring a River: The Kissimmee  || Supplying Our Cities ||  Domestic and Commercial || Irrigation || Water for New York City || Water for Industry and Mining || Thermoelectric Power || Hydroelectric Power || Water Composition and Quality || Water Ownership || Ground Water ||  Environmental Water Rights || Desalinization of Water
Potential Water Problems
Limited Surface Water Supplies-The Colorado River Project || Water in the Middle East || Ground Water Depletion and the Problem of the High Plains || Aqu Land Subsidence Due to Ground Water Withdrawal || Saltwater Intrusion into Aquifers || Soil Deterioration Due to Water Logging, Salinization, and Alkalinization
Large-scale Transportation and Diversion Systems
Water for Transportation-The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway || Water for Drinking-The Los Angeles Aqueduct System || Water for Irrigation-The Russian Water Diversion Scheme || The Death of a Lake: The Aral Sea

Study Aid: Click here for a list of bullet points to help you learn the topics of this chapter.

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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter Eleven of your textbook
Review the news on Mining <http://www.northernminer.com/>
Click on this link < http://water.usgs.gov/> to learn Water Resources of the United States

Learn more about the Water Cycle
Review  Drinking Water Standards <http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw/standards.html>
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Abilities Acquired (what you learned):

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Identify where is most of the freshwater on Earth held.
2.- Sketch -the hydrologic cycle.
3.- Sketch the general precipitation patterns for (a) the world and (b) North America.
4.- List three means of allivating flooding.
5.- Discuss and contrast the effectiveness of dams and channelization.
6.- State the differences between water withdrawal and water consumption.

7.- List five  human activities that have the greatest requirements of water usage and water consumption.
8.- Explain why channelization is more difficult to undo than to do in the first place.
9.-  Name the principal mineral precipitated if seawater evaporates to total dryness.
10.- Give the causes and effects of acid rain.
11.- Explain riparian rights.
12.- Explain the law of "prior appropriation"
13.- Identify the problems of the Colorado River compact.
14.- Give an account of water mining.
15.- Discuss why  ground water levels aredropping in so much of the High Plains aquifer.
16.- Give the cause of land subsidence in the Houston area.
17.- Explain the causes the saltwater intrusion.
18.- Explain the causes of the buildup of salts in irrigated lands.
19.- Discuss how Los Angeles meets its growing water needs.
20.- Discuss how Miami-Dade Co meets its growing water needs.
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