Week 14, 11/28-12/04:

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Soils as a Resource


Unit (Chapter) Plan:
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(things you must do)
Abilities Acquired
(what you learned)

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 Contents (topics):

How Fast Does Soil Form?
Soil Formation and Distribution || Formation-The Major Factors || Formation Processes || Soil Chemistry || Soil Characteristics || Soil Classification || Soil Distribution
Soil Type and Land Use
Soil and Agriculture || The Dust Bowl || Land Management
Erosion and Deterioration of Soils
Soil Erosion || Soil Depletion, Deterioration, and Poisoning || Desertification and Deforestation ||  Selenium Poisoning in the San Joaquin Valley
Conservation-The Keyword for Soil Science
Deforestation, Soil Erosion, and the Destruction of Environmental Assets

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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter twelve of your textbook
Land use - http://www.nhQ.nrcs.usda.gov/landimeta/m51l6.html http://www.nhq.nrcs.usda.gov/landlindexicover use.html
Learn more about The Dust Bowl - http://drylands.nasm.edu: 1995lbow1.html 

Erosion - http://www.weru.ksu.eduJDics/dust storms/
Agricultural History - hrtp://www.usda.govlhistorv2/text4.htm
Desertification - http://www.ciesin.org/docs/002-479/002-479 .html
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Abilities Acquired (what you learned):

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Describe the processes leading to the formation of soils.
2.- Explain with your own words the terms soil, ped, clod, and polypedon as used in soil science.
3.- List five  major factors controlling soil formation.
4.- Give an account of the chemical processes that occur in soils and the influence of climate on these processes.
5.- Discuss the characteristics of soils that can be used as a basis for a classification scheme. What are the problems associated with producing a satisfactory classification of soils?
6.- Briefly describe the Comprehensive Soil Classification System (CSCS or so-called "seventh approximation") with examples of the terms used.

7.- Give the requirements of a soil that ensure it is agriculturally productive (fertile).
8.-  Explain how the utilization of land has varied within and between the countries of the world. What important issues are raised by the subject of "land management"?
9.-  Discus the what is the effect of varying natural conditions and human agencies have on soil erosion, deterioration, and poisoning.  What measures can be taken to protect the soil resource?
10.- "Desertification" is arguably the most terrible "disease" to affect mankind in the latter half of the 20th Century. What is desertification, how is it caused, and what measures can be taken to prevent its spread?
11.- Explain the process involved in the decomposition of feldspar that leads to the formation of clay.
12.- Explain the formation of laterites.
13.- Give the main features of histosols.
14.- Give an account of alfisols.
15.- Discuss mollisols.
16.- Give the an explation on the formation of aridosols.
17.- Explain the term ped.
18.- Explain the formation of regolith.
19.- Discuss teh formation of the A layer in a soil is a zone.
20.- Give two feature of tropical soils.
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