Week 15, 12/05-12/09:

Reading Assignment:  Chapter 13

Future Resources


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Visit this web site: CNN to check for current news on the World Resources


 Contents (topics):

Future Mineral Resources || Metals for the Future || Fertilizers and Chemicals for the Future || Building and Industrial Materials for the Future || Energy for the Future || The Future of Alternative Energy Sources || Water and Soil for the Future || Technology and Innovation
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Activities (things you must do):
Read Chapter 13 of your textbook

Future resources - -http://www.rff.org/environment/water.htm
 Future energy - http://www.eia.doe.gov/oiafi'forecasting.html
Fertilizers - http://pubs.usgs.gov/factsheet/fs155-99/
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Abilities Acquired (what you learned):



This chapter has been written as a summarizing extension of the previous 11 chapters and centers on the consideration, "The day will come, however, when all of the accessible deposits will have been found." Where will we turn then? The answers appear to be: (i) we will search deeper (because we have but scratched the surface of the Earth); (ii) we will be forced to search in more and more remote and inaccessible localities (we began with those closest to our population centers); (iii) we will turn to new sources (brines, low-grade deposits, and perhaps even the common rocks for the abundant metals); (iv) we will have to turn to increased recycling of resources; and (v) we will require innovative approaches to resource extraction and utilization.

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:

1.- To write a short (up to one page) summary of your concerns of the above statements.
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