Procedure for the use of e-mail in this course:

1.- You are required to use your FIU e-mail address or the WebCT mail if you are taking a fully online section of this course, for all the correspondence in this course. The hybird section visit the e-mail page of the website to see your e-mail address. In case of missing your password visit this site For the fully online section get your WebCT e-mail address. 
2.- You must place the class number of your course (for example 15940, 11106, 16644) in the subject line of ALL your e-mail to me. Do not  write anything else on this line.
3.- In all correspondence with me identify yourself , including on the first line of text of your of your message your full name, class numbere, and class  number  (e.g., Pepe Longoria, 11106; roll 00). I DON'T reply anonymous or inadequately identified e-mails. See diagram below:


4.- Keep a copy of all your correspondence to me, you may be asked to resubmit. 
5.- Do not resubmit any work unless you are asked to.
6.- I will not be responsible for e-mail sent without c   omplying with this procedure.

Prof. Longoria

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