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Essay Submittal


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Deadlines for submitting Essays are posted here

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: To help me quickly and accurately evaluate  your essays, I ask you to follow the few rules outlined below.

Essays  must be written in Microsoft Word (only): Make the page setup of your Microsoft Word processor letter size (margins: 1 inch top and bottom; 1.0 inch left and right), using Helvetica 10 points or a similar sans-serif font (e.g. Arial or Helvetica), all text must be justified (DO NOT hyphenate words); text should be formatted to line space at exactly 10 pt., indent 3 spaces the first line of each paragraph. 

The first page of your essay should be its title page, which should be in bold, Upper and Lower Case, and Flush Left with the Margin. After the title skip several lines and type your  name first, followed below by your SS#. Capitalize the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME and MIDDLE NAME or INITIAL. Next type the course and reference #. Suggestion: You can be creative with the title page inserting a color image between the title and your name lines.

Start the text of your essay in a separate page. You can start with an introduction or introductory paragraph of you own but after this short introduction you must use the headings given in the guidelines for preparing essays. Indent 3 spaces the first line of each paragraph. 

ONLY ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL IS ALLOWED.  All  essays should be sent to Prof. Jose F. Longoria,  clearly indicating the sender's e-mail address. You should be notified of the receipt of the essay, you should contact me if you did not receive a receipt of the essay notification within the following three days.
Essays should be submitted in a Microsoft Word files as attachments of an e-mail following this procedure:

After writing you essay according to the specifications given above, save it as a Microsoft Word .doc file.
GO to your e-mail program and send it as an attachment of your e-mail message (only Microsoft Word .doc files will be accepted). In the subject line of your e-mail write only the reference number of your course. In the body of your message write a short message identify yourself including your name, ss#, course and reference # as well as indicate that you are submitting an essay.  Make sure that the attached file is written in Microsoft Word and identify it as a .doc file. This method of submittal is preferred because it will preserve all you formatting including bold, italics and other special characters. Visual materials (illustrations, charts, photos, etc.) can be incorporated in the text as .bmp, .jpg or .gif files or sent separately as individual attachment files.
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All visual materials (illustrations, pictures, etc.) should be sent as .bmp, .jpg or .gif files. Only video clips can be attached separately. Always keep a copy of your essays and visual materials.
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