Geological Principles

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Assignment: Review and understand the list of terms on page 92 of your textbook
    Continental Drift:
        the idea: fig 6.1, 6.2
            Alfred Wegener and the Continental Drift Hypothesis, The Origin of the Continents and Oceans, 1915
        the fossil  evidence fig 6.3
            additional evidence: du Toit, Our Wandering Continents, 1937
    Sea-floor Spreading
        fossil evidence
    Plate Tectonics
        the unifying theory in geology: Continental Drift - Convention in the Mantel - Sea floor spreading - plates move
        plates: Plate Tectonics and Plate Boundaries
            Divergent: Atlantic Ocean
                continental-continental: Himalaya Mts
                ocean-continental: west coast of the Americas (SA)
                ocean-ocean: Japanese Islands
            Transform: California-San Andreas Fault
        What is the Driving Mechanism of Plate Tectonics?
            the earth's interior
    The effect of Continental Drift on Life