1. The Organization of Life
    a. Origin of Life
        i. Abiotic Production of Organic Molecules
            1. Hypotheses on Origin of Macromolecules
            2. Making Organic Compounds: The Stanley Miller Experiment & Others
            Chemosynthesis: The use of inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide to make carbohydrates from the energy released by chemical reactions.
        ii. Macromolecules to Living Cells
            1. Prebionts: Nonliving structures that evolved into the first living cells
            2. Coacervates: Colloidal aggregation containing a mixture of organic compounds.
                The formation of coacervates in the primeval soup was a step towards the development of cells.
                Organic molecules surrounded by a film of water molecules
                Selectively absorb materials from surrounding water
                Incorporate them into their structure
                Not a random arrangement of molecules
            3. Microsphere
                Organic molecules surrounded by a double membrane
                Can be formed from Proteinoids, when placed in boiling water & cooled.
        iii. Microspheres = Protocells!!
        iv. Earliest Evidence of Life
            1. Stromatolites