Environmental Geology


Course Description


What is GLY3039: Environmental Geology? 

GLY3039: Environmental Geology deals with the evolution and changes of our planet Earth and how they affect human activities. The majority of the environmental issues which affect our plant Earth, e.g., climatic changes (global warming, greenhouse effect), ocean pollution, el niño and related atmospheric disruptions (destruction of the ozone layer), toxic and radioactive waste disposal, lad use management, natural resources, geological hazards, and alternative energy resources, among others are the focus of this course.

An important aspect of this course is the understanding of geological processes and phenomena, as well as the way they have modified our planet. Current environmental issues such as threat to the world's water and biodiversity, and the exploitation of mineral resources will be discussed.

Sustainable development and future societal adaptation to alternatives of current paths will be the focus of our discussions throughout the semester.


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