Environmental Geology



Evaluation of Students in this Class


This course does not make use of exams or tests for the evaluations of students rather students’ performance in the course is determined by the individual accomplishments and performance based on abilities and competencies acquired, and research essays. The course is divided into five sections, corresponding to natural groupings of the topics covered in class. These divisions also correspond to the presentation of the topics in the textbook. Every unit contains an ASSIGNMENT consisting of a set of abilities (a list of competencies) that the student should have acquired by doing the specified activities. Performance in the abilities will count 40 percent towards the final grade. Assignments are regarded as  individual effort and are to be done individually.  Assignments should be submitted electronically using the form provided at specified dates and are expected to be in depth (detailed answers); they should be submitted at any time but not later than the dates specified in the syllabus. Late submission of the abilities will not be accepted and assigned the grade of zero.

Assignments and essays should be submitted electronically. DON'T send your work more than one time. DO check the My Grades page in the WebCT platform for grades received. Grades will be posted within the following 8-10 days.

Incompletes and extensions are not given in this course.


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