Environmental Geology



The Way this Course is Managed

Course Format

This is a fully on-line (asynchronous), Self-Paced mode course, visit this site to learn about the self paced format. Two equally weighted and equally important  components are essential for a good performance in this class: (a) textbook readings, and (b) web site browsing. The course is divided into five sections, corresponding to natural groupings of the topics covered in class. These divisions correspond to the presentation of the topics in the textbook. Every section will have an assignment. Assignments are administered through the Internet and they are to submitted using the corresponding links in the WebCT platform; they count 40 percent towards the final grade. Essays are to be submitted electronically at scheduled dates, they count 50 percent towards the final grade..

Incompletes and extensions are not given in this courses, final grade will result from the average of the grades received in all the assignments and the seven essays. Not submitted assignments are assigned the grade of 0. 

Students are expected to:

Work at full pace.
Do the reading assignments.
Do all the www assignments.

You should feel free to e-mail me at any time, if you have any questions about something you do not understand. You should plan to ask questions, clarifying  any point at least two days before the assignment or essays are due. Please do not wait until the day the work is due to ask questions!

Your are required to review the list of DO'S and DON'TS for this course.



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