Environmental Geology


Read Chapter 1 of your textbook

Expand your horizons, visit this site for an excellent overview of the solar system, including its origins:


Visit this site to create an image of any planet or moon as viewed from another body, using the Solar System Simulator (NASA):


Visit this site to have a better view of the planetary system:


The resident population of the United States


Review the Terraforma project.



The large, connected dome structures that house the Eden Project's many plants and exhibits. Photo courtesy Apex Photo Agency, Photographer Simon Burt..
Click on the picture to visit this site to learn about the Eden Project, a massive environmental center in Cornwall, England, opened to the general public. The finished structure is an unprecedented accomplishment -- a giant, multi-domed greenhouse, containing plants from around the globe. The site has already become a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors every day.