Environmental Geology

Assignment 1:

Abilities Acquired (what you learned)

A the end of this chapter you should be able to:

1.- Evaluate the feasibility of space colonization as a means of alleviating land and natural resource shortages. Address these questions: What are the ethics involved in mining asteroids? Terraforming Mars?

2,- Identify the regions of the world that currently have the fastest rate of population growth.

3.- Discuss the doubling time concept of population growth.

4.- The application of the scientific method to: The theory of plate tectonics.

5.- Discuss in detail a current environmental global issue, e.g. El Niño, Global Warming.

6.- Suggest measurements to alleviate the current path of environmental deterioration.

7.- Account for the processes involved in the formation of earth's atmosphere and oceans.

8.- Explain some fundamental differences between the earth and other planets of the Solar System.

9.- Discuss the chemically differentiated earth and identify all its major compositional zones.

10.- Identify the The planet closest to Earth (4)

11.- State the difference between continental crust  and  oceanic crust