Assignment 3:
Abilities (what you learned):
At the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Establish the relationship between continental drift, seafloor spreading, tectonics, plate tectonics, hot spots, island arcs, magmatic arcs, and convection cells in the mantle.
2.- Answer this question: How do all those concepts relate to one another?
3.- Name and locate on a geographic map the principal world lithospheric plates.
4.- Have a clear distinction between lithosphere and asthenosphere including physical and chemical properties.
5.- Cite and explain at least three lines of evidence for plate tectonics.
6.- Name the three types of plate boundaries.
7.- Explain the different processes that happen at each of the lithospheric plate boundary.
8.- Give examples of each of the boundaries.
9.- Discuss the potential environmental use of lithospheric plate dynamics in radioactive waste disposal giving pros and cons.
10.- Identify the plate boundaries of the North American Continent.

11.- Explain the interrelationship between plate tectonics, earthquake occurrence and volcanic activity.

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