SECTION II: Internal Processes
Assignment 4:
Abilities (what you learned):
At the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1) Explain the mechanism involved in the generation of an earthquake.
2) Describe the different types of seismic waves.
3) Explain how seismic waves are used to locate the epicenter of an earthquake.
4) Cite the ten major historic earthquakes recorded on Earth and give their year, location, magnitude, deaths, and damages caused.
5) Cite the three most recent earthquakes in California including their year, location, magnitude, deaths, and damages caused.
6) Contrast the plate tectonic setting in which the earthquakes in California and in Mexico occur.
7) Discuss the earthquake-related hazards.
8) Discuss the earthquake hazard of our region.
9) Explain the difference between the Mercalli and Richter earthquake scales.
10) Locate on a geographic map of the U.S. the seismic-risk areas.
11) Discuss the present status of earthquake predictions.
12) Explain some earthquake safety rules.
13) Discuss the Loma Prieta earthquake, including cause, occurrence, magnitude, damage and recovery.
14) Answer this question: Do we have earthquakes in Florida? Explain. Have a look at this image, it may come handy.
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