Activities (things you must do):
Enrich you geologic vocabulary by reviewing the terms listed on p 216-217 of your textbook.Understand the concepts involved in each term.
Do your reading assignment for this unit (chapter 9)
Read this article: El Nino/La Nina: Nature Victorious Cycle, National Geolgraphic v. 195, nr. 3, march 1999, p.72-95.
Analyze the concept of dought and Drought Severity Classification
View current drought conditions in the USA
Learn the The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) and Crop Moisture Index (CMI)
Enhance your understanding of El Niño and La Niña, visit these home pages:
.....NOAA El Niņo page.....NOAA La Niņa Page... 
Learn more about:
The greenhouse effect, visit this web site:
Global Change by visiting this web site:
Atmospheric Greenhouse gases:



Review some steps to Reduce Global Warming

For those wishing to know more about topics discussed in class (optional), try these web sites:

Climate assessment
Global Warming/Greenhouse Gases
Weather Instructional Material learn about Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
Global Change
Our Changing Climate
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