Contents (chapter topics):
                                   Hydrological Cycle (from TGF)
Fluid Storage and Movement Subsurface
Waters Aquifer Geometry: [ Confined and Unconfined Aquifers || Other Factors in Water Availability]
Consequences of Groundwater Withdrawal; [ Lowering the Water Table || Compaction and Surface Subsidence || Saltwater Intrusion ]
Impacts of Urbanization on Groundwater Systems: [ Loss of Recharge || Artificial Recharge ]
Other Factors Involving Subsurface Water: [ Sinkholes || Karst ]
Water Quality: [ Measures of Water Quality || Hard Water ]
Water Use, Water Supply: [ U.S. Water Use || Surface Water vs. Ground Water as Supply || Regional Variations in Water Use ]
Extending the Water Supply: [ Conservation || Interbasin Water Transfer || Desalination ]
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