Activities (things you must do):
Review the terms listed on page 269 of your texts and become familiar with their concepts.
AVHRR image of North America.
Observe the different vegatation cover in each region of the Continent. Compare this image with Text-Figure 11.17 and identify areas in the U.S. with substantial soil erosion. Identify on these two maps the region of the Dust Bowl Dust Storm.
Investigate the main areas of concern for soil degradation
Determine the causes of soil degradation
Investigate the extend of land cover in the world
Review the role of humans and human activities in the disturbance of vegetated land
Investigate the role of Megacities in soil degradation
Visit the site of an active construction and examine it for evidence of soil erosion and soil cover protection.
Additional sites on Soil Erosion and The Problem of Wind Erosion are highly recommended to visit before the next exam
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