Review the terms on page 382 of your textbook
Investigate: Where does your garbage go?
Investigate:  your community's sewage treatment. Establish what is the level of it.
Evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, and possible concerns relating to disposal of high-level radioactive wastes in different geological setting, for examples (a) subduction zones; (b) sediments on the deep-sea floor; (c) volcanic vents; and (d) bedded salt.
Visit the Yucca Mountain Project  web site and learn about the project.
Find out what the Yucca Mountain Project is about.
Review the geological problems in radioactive waste isolation
Learn about The Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System
Learn what has been done in other region of the country in relation to Nuclear and Toxic Waste Management
Investigate about waste from nuclear plants
Learn about the Nuclear waste disposal and the Nuclear Energy Institute
Additional Reading Reference (optional): Understanding Radioactive Waste, by Raymond L. Murray, edited by Judith Powell; ISBN 0-935470-79-4 Battelle Press.
Investigate the series of events which led up to the accident in Chernobyl, including the health impact
Additional Reading Reference (optional):The Chornobyl Accident: A Comprehensive Risk Asssessment, edited by Geogre J. Vargo; written by Victor Bar'yakhtar, Valereie Kukhar, Ivan Los, Vladimir Kholosha, and Vyacheslav Shestipalov. ISBN 1-57477-082-9.Battelle Press.
Take a further look at Uranium and Nuclear Plants

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