Review and understand the terms listed on page 436 of your textbook.
Review and understand the Carbon Cycle.
Investigate the abundance and residence times of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, sulfur, mercury and lead in the atmosphere.
Review the principal sources of US air pollutants. Study the Standard Air Pollution Index.
air quality. Identify what is the main environmental concern in Miami.
Investigate about the 'Ozone Hole' (use Box 17.1).
Review indoor air pollution with emphasis on Radon, understand what are the sources of radon and the potential hazard of radon as an indoor pollutant, learn strategies implemented to mitigate radon pollution,  be aware of the EPA recommendations
Radon data in Florida.
Examine the processes involved in Thermal Inversion , its effects in trapping air pollution and the factors involved in maintaining thermal inversions.
Learn how Mayan ruinAcid Rain Accelerates the Destruction of the Maya Ruins in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Central America
Have a look at the work these agencies are doing to keep out environment healthy
EETAPwith support from the EPANAAEE
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