Assignment 15:
Abilities (what you learned):
At the end of this chapter you should be able to:

1) State the effects of Acid Rain and explain why the seriousness of the problems posed by acid rain varies with local geologic setting.
2) Describe the current situation of the 'Ozone Hole', including how it formed.
3) Explain photochemical smog.
4) Explain the radiation hazard associated with indoor air pollution.
5) Establish the pollutant species that are believed to be primary responsible for acid rain.
6) Explain the Standard Air Pollution Index (PSI) and describe the pollutant levels and health effects implied in each case.
7) Describe the phenomenon of a thermal inversion, giving an example of a geographic setting that might be specifically conducive to the development of n inversion.
8) Explain why the global warming of the planet is called the greenhouse effect
9) Contrast the effects of ozone in the ozone layer with the ozone at ground level.
10) Explain photochemical smog and under what circumstances this problem is most severe.
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