Environmental Geology



Course Prerequisites

Independent Work and Discipline
GLY3039 requires time and discipline. It is important to note that students in this class need: (1)  to devote time to read the posted materials in the website, (2) to do the browsing for specific activities, and (3) to follow the instructions given at the beginning of the term.

Consequently this course requires time and independent work, so if you are busy, or overloaded with courses, or have a busy personal schedule, or plan to travel during the semester, or if you feel you  will learn better in a face-to-face (traditional) modality you may not be suited to a course like this, if you have to make a change do it now. Even during the first week of the semester you will have work to submit, an advantage of this teaching/learning modality is that you do not have upper boundaries, also, you can finish the course as early as you want; but not later that the deadlines in the schedule.

Geology Prerequisites
This course does not have any geology prerequisites; however, you should be aware of the fact that Natural Disasters is a three thousand level class and a high degree of involvement is expected. Critical and independent thinking is also required.
Computer Literacy
Students are expected to be proficient in the use of computers including word processing, e-mail, posting attachments, and to have experience in browsing the Internet. Students need to be comfortable using a web browser, for students with limited web browsing experience, a tutorial on the use of the two most popular web browsers is provided as an activity for the first week of the semester; however, students are responsible to fulfill this deficiency.
Student Learning Agreement (SLA)
Students are required to set their goals and discuss desired outcomes. You are required to submit a narrative (Assignment 0, an electronic questionnaire) of your expectations in this class within the first two weeks of classes.

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