Course Description: GLY3034: Natural Disasters deals with the anlaysis of violent catastrophic phenomena that constantly occur in different parts of our planet Earth special attention is given to undestand  how they affect human activities. It is designed togive you an overview of the fundamental Earth Science processes triggering natural disasters. Internal and external processes involved in producing these natural phenomena will be considered.

The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the understanding of Natural Disasters as violent destructive  phenomena trigger by the interaction of long-term geological processes and to evaluate the resulting hazards and risks to human life.

Special emphasis will be given to geologic hazards (natural phenomena or processes potentially becoming a disaster) and risks (magnitude and vulnerability to potential death, injury, or loss of property due to a given geohazard). Current environmental issues such as threat to the world's human population and biodiversity and the cyclic reoccurrence of some of these disasters will be discussed.

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