Section 1 Unit 2:  Geological Setting

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Organization and Course Setup 
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Introduction to the study of Natural Disasters: 
Basic Concepts: A Historic Perspective || Modern Concept || Natural groups || Commonly Occurring Natural Disasters ||A Holistic Approach to Look at Natural Disasters ||  Major components of a Natural Disaster || A Classification of Natural Disasters || Methods and approach to study Natural Disasters || The role of geology and Earth Sciences  || why natural disasters?
Geological Setting:
The Traditional Scientific Method: Multiple Working Hypotheses in geology || 
Origin and evolution of planet Earth
Main features and characteristics of Planet Earth Click here ||
Plate Tectonics <>- Evidence: The Topography of the Sea Floor | Paleomagnetism and Sea Floor Spreading | Age of the Ocean Floor || Glacial Deposits || Fossil Evidence || 
Types of Plate Boundaries: Divergent Plate Boundaries || Transform Boundaries || Convergent Plate Boundaries | Subduction
look at Plate tectonics animations <>
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