Section 0, Unit 1:  Introduction, general aspects

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Section 0:

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Assignment 1. Answer the List of Abilities for this unit (what you learned):
Abilities: After completing this unit you should be able to:
1.- Describe the difference between face-to-face and asynchronous instruction.
2.- Explain the concept of the virtual classroom.
3.- Contrast between synchronous and asynchronous communications.
4.- Explain the concept of self-paced instruction.
5.- List two advantages of the self-paced format of instruction.
6.- Establish the requirements needed to participate in asynchronous instruction.
7.- Describe the structure of this asynchronous course.
8.- Discuss the didactic implemented in this course.
9.- Describe the structure of the Course Plan
10.- Write the URL for this course
11.- Describe the components of a Unit Plan of this course.
12.- Send an e-mail to Prof. Longoria using the procedures for the use of e-mail in this course.
13.- List the three components of the structure of my virtual classroom
14.- Explain the abilities component of this course. What are the abilities?
15.- Describe the concept of Participation Forum used in this course
16.- Explain the relation between abilities and assignments in this course
17.- Contrast between acceptable and unacceptable entries for the Participation Forum of this class
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