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Section II, Unit 1:  Earthquakes
 Contents (Topics to study):

An aerial view of the San Andreas fault in the Carrizo Plain, Central California.
Learn about recent investigacions on the San Andreas Fault
Earthquakes: Basic Theory
Faults || Elastic Rebound   || Earthquake Location  ||  Causes of Earthquakes  ||  Geographical Occurrence of Earthquakes see plates  ||  Earthquake Energy and Waves: Body Waves ||  Surface Waves  ||  Intensity and Magnitude  ||  Locating the Epicenter  ||  Earthquake Related Hazards: landslides  ||  tsunami  || liquefaction  || fire
General aspects of Earthquakes:
Earthquake history ||  Where Earthquakes Occur  ||  How Earthquakes Happen  ||  Measuring Earthquakes  ||  Volcanoes and Earthquakes  ||  Predicting Earthquakes
Undestanding Earthquakes <>
An introduction to earthquakes <>
Earthquake Prediction and Forecasting
Seismic Gaps ||  Earthquake Precursors  || The Earthquake Cycle and Forecasting.
Earthquake Awareness and Public Response
Preparedness  ||   Public Response
Modern and Future US Earthquakes
Areas of Widely Recognized Risk  ||  Other Potential Problem Areas
Case Histories
Parkfield experiment  ||  Northridge Earthquake Slide Set
Image:  Railroad deformed and faulted by stress released by Izmit earthquake