Section II, Unit 1:  Earthquakes
ASSIGNMENT 3 Abilities: (what you learned):
 After completing this unit you should be able to:
1.- Explain the mechanism involved in the generation of an earthquake
2.- Describe the different types of seismic waves.
3.- Explain how seismic waves are used to locate the epicenter of an earthquake.
4.- Cite the ten major historic earthquakes recorded on Earth and give their year, location, magnitude, deaths, and damages caused.
5.- Cite the three most recent earthquakes in California including their year, location, magnitude, deaths, and damages caused.
6.- Contrast the plate tectonic setting in which the earthquakes in California and in Mexico occur.
7.- Discuss earthquake-related hazards.
8.- Discuss the earthquake hazard of our region.
9.- Explain the difference between the Mercalli and Richter earthquake scales.
10.- Locate on a geographic map of the U.S. the seismic-risk areas.
11.- Discuss the present status of earthquake predictions.
12.- Explain some earthquake safety rules.
13.- Cite current earthquake activity in the world.
14.- Compare the geological setting in which the Loma Prieta, Kobe, Mexico City and Managua earthquakes took place.
15.-Answer this question: Do we have earthquakes in Florida? Explain
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16.- Give an account of the Loma Prieta earthquake including: (a) A synoptic description of the disaster; (b) Causes of the Disaster; (c) Occurrence in terms of geological setting; (d) Social and economic impact of the disaster; and (e) Prevention and mitigation of the disaster (f) Your personal suggestions for prevention and recovery of the disaster.