Section II, Unit 1:  Earthquakes
Check the news for Natural Disasters


 Activities (This you must do): 
Check the current status of Planet Earth 
Enrich your geological vocabulary by reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the terms on p.5 of your textbook.
Apply the method of locating an epicenter by producing  a virtual earthquake   Also visit this site for additional practice <>
Understand the role of geology and the Earth Science in the study of Natural Disasters .
Investigate: Why Earthquakes Occur?
Review some earthquake terminology
A view at earthquakes as natural disasters
Summarize the current situation of Predicting Earthquakes
Investigate the establishment of the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
Learn about some Case Histories
Loma Prieta || Mexico City ||  San Francisco ||  Kobe, Japan  || El Paso, Texas || Bavispe, Mexico  ||  Managua  || Armenia, Colombia || Izmit
Indonesia, December 26, 2004
Have a closer look at the Loma Prieta earthquake geology.
Summarize current seismic activity
Review the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale
Examine seismic activity in Florida  Look at: sesimic map of Florida  || Seismic Hazard map of Florida 
Review seismic activity in Canada 
Source: BBC News Online's