Section II, Unit 3:  Landslides
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Course Contents
 ASSIGNMENT 5 Abilities (what you learned):
At the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Explain in general terms why landslides occur. What  two factors particularly influence slope stability?
2.- Understand the relationship of flooding and mass movements. Evaluate the role of water In mass movements.
3.- Discuss in detail the Mass Movements or mass wasting phenomena in our State, County and City
4.- Describe at least three ways in which urban development may trigger or aggravate landslide hazards.
5.- Suggest alternatives to guide people to mitigate mass wasting in your area.
6.- Discuss subsidence as a potential geohazard in our State.
7.- Explain the role of the geological setting in landslide mitigation.
8.- Describe in detail at least three cases of mass movement.
9.- Describe two triggering mechanisms for landslides
10.- Describe at least three ways in which development on hillsides may aggravate landslide hazards. 
11.- Give two ways to recognize soil creep and one way to identify sites of past landslides. 
12.- Briefly explain the distinction between falls, slides, and flows. 
13.- Discuss common slope-stabilization techniques including physical modifications to the slope itself or the addition of stabilizing features. 
14.- Give an explanation to the following questions:
a) What causes landslides? b) What are the different types of landslides? c) Where do landslides occur? d) How do landslides affect us? 6) How can we minimize the effects of landslides?