Section II, Unit 3:  Landslides
 Activities (things you must do):
Read the terms on page 29 of your textbook, make sure that you understand the concepts behind each term.
Improve your understanding of this topic by reviewing all the photographs of mass movement cases presented in the text. Or visit this website  to improve your understanding and visualization of landslides.
Visit the home page for hazards of the USGS familiarize yourself with the way hazards are dealt with. Once you are at the USGS web site visit at least one case of the hazards shown at this site, this should prepare you to discuss your case history or favorite case of hazard. Look at one case of  landslide.
Visit this site to review the relationship of  Subsidence
View sinkholes in Florida
Review fundamentals of landslides
Review the summary of this unit

For Group Discussion
View and study this slide set