ASSIGNMENT 6 Abilities (what you learned):
By  the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1.- Distinguish between tsunami and storm surge.
2.- Explain what is the current storm surge situation in your neighborhood.
3.- Discuss possible ways of mitigating storm surge in Miami.
4.- Make suggestions for storm surge preparedness in you local area.
5.- Give an account of a well documented Tsunami case history including: (a) A synoptic description of the disaster; (b) Causes of the Disaster; (c) Occurrence in terms of geological setting; (d) Social and economic impact of the disaster; and (e) Prevention and mitigation of the disaster.
6.- Discuss tsunami mitigation strategies.
7.- Cite and recognize recent and/or current Tsunami Events.

8.- Explain how the West Coast communities are being prepared to the threat of destructive tsunami generated by earthquakes in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.