Enrich your geological vocabulary by reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the terms on p.67 of your reference textbook. Also consult a  weather and climate glossary for those unfamiliar terms used in this unit.
Study the characteristics of Hurricane Andrew 
Investigate the concept of GAIA as a coevolution of the atmosphere and the life

View images of Hurricanes and review some meterological concepts
Study the Characteristics of a Storm.
View the video clip "what is the spark behind lightning"
Study additional features about Lightning
Review the questions frequently asked about Lightning.
Investigate about The Human Effects of Lightning Strikes.
Review and understand lightning safety and protection.
Investigate current and past lightning events
Study NOAA's Tornado page.
Review and study NOAA's TORNADOES...Nature's Most Violent Storms. A Preparedness Guide. View all the four chapters included in this document.
View the way tornadoes work and the damage they can cause.
Read  FEMA's  brochure on self-protection under the storm.
Have a look at some spectacular images of lighting: visit this gallery.
Read  FEMA's  brochure on FACT SHEET: HURRICANES.
Investigate Active and Recent Disasters in Florida.
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