Section V, Unit 1:  Drought and Desertification
Check the news for Natural Disasters
Course Contents
 Activities (Things you must do):
Enrich your geological vocabulary by reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the terms on p.121 of your  reference textbook.
Review this site to understand why Drought is by far the most damaging of all natural disasters
Analyze fundamental features of deserts
Review the different types of deserts
Review some cultural and economic aspects of deserts
View another classification of deserts
Find our what has been done in wildfire research
Investigate the nature of desertification and current status
Visit a region in the US with a wide range of biodiversity
Have a look at recent Forest Fires in Florida
The use of tree ring data to reconstruct past drought in the USA <>
The influence higher temperatres on the environment <>
The environmental impact of recent forest fires in Mexico <>; <>; <>
View forest fires in Brazil
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