Activities (Things you must do):
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For Extra Credit: Identify the seven personalities show on this image and indicate their respective contribution to biological sciences.
Threats to the Biodiversity
How to measure biodiversity value
Reading Assignment: Biodiversity, The fragile web, National Geographic, v. 195, no. 2, February, 1999
Understand current status of  biodiversity as a Natural Resource
Visit this site to have a view at selected examples of biodiveristy <>  <>
The Origin of Life
Investigate the relationship between the evolution of the atmosphere and the origin of life (The Gaia Concept)
Review the findings of life in Mars meteorite ALH84001
View Controversial reports of fossil microbes in Martian meteorite ALH 84001 enlivened the panspermia theory in 1996,
Destruction of the Tropical Forest
Introduction of Non-Native Species
Hazards: Extinction of Species
Case Histories:
Human evolution and tools. For Extra Credit: Write up one page interpretation of the image below (speculate on the influence of tools in human evolution and anatomical changes through time)