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ASSIGNMENT 13 Abilities: What you learned
At the end of this unit you should be able to:-- -
1) Explain the theory of evolution.
2) Distinguish between the different modes of evolution.
3) Explain the scientific (biological) concept of origin of Life on Earth.
4) Discuss the theory on the extraterrestrial origin of Life on Earth.
5) Describe the main diference between the structure of a living thing and that of a nonliving thing.
6) Give you viewpoint on the existence of Life on Mars.
7) Explain the role of human activities in modifying biological diversity of our planet.
8) Distinguish different types of extinction of species.

9) Explain the possible causes of mass extinction of biota.
10) Discuss the extinction of the dinosaurs.
11) Explain the concept of human evolution.
12) Give two examples of mass extinction in the geological past.
13) Give an account on the influence of humans in the extinction of biota. How are species endangered by humanity?