Section V, Unit 1:  Drought and Desertification
Check the news for Natural Disasters
Course Contents
 ASSIGNMENT 11 -Abilities: What you learned

At the end of this unit you should be able to:

 1) Explain desertification as a natural disaster, and discuss the various processes involved in desertification, including ways in whichhuman activities contribute to this natural disaster.
2) Understand and describe global impacts of El Niño
3) Give three examples of human influence in the process of desertification.
4) Explain the influence of human activities on desertification
5) Contrast between Desertification and Desertization
6) Explain the causes of desertification.
7) Discuss the consequences of desertification
8) Describe the Sahel Disaster including location and extension of the area affected, causes of the disaster, influence on the worlds deserts.

9) Give an opinion on the function of the United Nations interim secretariat for the Convention to Combat Desertification.
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