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Contents (topics you are responsible for):
Chapters 13, 14, and 16
Some Major Global Concerns
World Population Growth
Depletion of Natural Resources:  Oil, gas and coal
The Waste Avalanche
Environmental Deterioration
Humankind: A Powerful Force of Change

Urbanization: Creating a New Habitat | Urban Weather and Climate
Changes in the Air Around Us | Carbon Dioxide: A growing Threat Read this article <>
  The Greenhouse Effect | Air Pollution and Acid Precipitation | Upper Atmosphere Ozone
Depletion | Global Warming  |  Global Warming and Climate Change in New Mexico
Poisoning the Earth | Industrial Accidents | Hazardous Waste Disposal
Case History: Love Canal
Oil Spills
Case History: The Exxon Valdez and how it is view (The Valdez Principles)
Social Aspects of Disasters
Taking Risk
Vulnerability of Hazards and Risks  | Florida Hazards
Human Reactions to Disasters: Find it out through FEMA
Facing the Future
Case History: Hurricane