Section IV, Unit A: Asteroid and Meteorite Impacts
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Course Contents
 Contents (Topics to study):
Meteors, Meteorites and Asteroids
Summary of terms used in class
Vulnerability of Hazards and Risks to extraterrestrial bolide impacts
 Human Reactions to Disasters
 Facing Future Asteroid impacts
Viewing Comets
The Torino asteroid impact scale
Case Histories:
Observe the trajectory of a meteor impacting on Earth
The Cosmic Mystery of the Century: Tunguska
The Barringer Meteorite Crater
The Chicxulub asteroid impact in Yucatan, Mexico
Was there, or was there not a meteorite impact at the K/T boundaries 65 million years ago?

Additional Information on the Chicxulub Asteroid Impact:
1. The Asteroid Impact Theory
2. Concepts and Terminology
3. The Search for the Impact Site
4. Feature in Favor of an Asteroid Impact in Yucatan
5. Conditions and Effects of the Impactor
6. The Chicxulub Structure
7. Products of Impact Cratering
8. Geologic Record of the Chicxulub Impact
9. Near Future Impacts
10. Dedication
Terrestrial Impact Craters