Section VII, Unit A:  Asteroid and Meteorite Impacts
Check the news for Natural Disasters
Course Contents
 Activitites: Things you must do:
Learn more about the K/T impact in Yucatan, Mexico, visit this site:
<>Investigate about Near Earth Asteriod Rendezvous (NEAR) <>
Reinforce you knowledge on asteroids <>
Review current reserach on asteroids:
Investigate about the Near Earth Object Program <>
Review current activities on The Search for the Extrasolar Planets <>
Browse the Extra-solar Planets Catalog <>
Explore some current research on extra solar exploration
Investigate the asteroid close encounter in 2028 
Learn about the risk and hazards of asterod impacts 
Visit this site to view some specimens of meteorites <>
Investigate what institutions do research on astrometry <>Astrometry is that branch of astronomy in which positions and motions of the Sun, Moon, planets and selected stars are precisely determined. The Naval Observatory is one of the few institutions in the world and the only one in the United States. 
Meteors really fall from the sky: see the case of  EL PASO METEOR, OCTOBER 9th, 1997 <>
Now that you know what meteorites are, visit this site to see specimens of a variety of meteorites according to their classification <>
Look at future asteroid impacts, view known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids <>