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Section VII, Unit A:  Asteroid and Meteorite Impacts
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Course Contents
 ASSIGNMENT 16 Abilities (what you learned):
At the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1) Apply the scientific method to: The Asteroid Impact Hypothesis in Earth Sciences.
2) Discus the existence of additional solar systems: give pros and cons.
3) List  the basic techniques, according to J. Schneider, used in the search for extrasolar worlds.
4) Cite three institutions that do astrometry research
5) Discuss the hypothesis that asteroid delivered life to Earth.
6) The fundamental issues learned through the examination of the Chicxulub Asteroid Impact .
7) Distinguish between science fiction and real science as applied to asteroid impacts
8) Discuss the potential risk of future extraterrestrial impacts.
9) Discuss the Economic Viability of Mars Colonization (terraforming Mars).
10) List three features in favor the Chicxulub crater as the site of the K/T asteroid impact.
11) Discuss the immediate, short-term  and long term effects of the Chicxulub impact.
12) Explain the Chicxulub extraterrestrial impact and its bearing in the extinction of biota at the end of the Cretaceous Period.