General Requirements
The following stipulations will apply during the course:
The World Wide Web (WWW) will be used extensively throughout this course, all the information and materials related to the course will be transmitted through the Internet and communication with me will be via the WebCT e-mail.
All students in GLY 3034 are required to:
1.- Check that their WebCT e-mail account is working properly to be able to send/receive e-mail throughout the semestere. This account is provided free to all FIU students, your WebCT e-mail account is setup by computer services and I will use this account for all the correspondence in this course, please check the "Course Mail" section of the Course Menu in the WebCT platform to view your e-mail address.
2.- Read in advance the content of the corresponding unit in the syllabus, this applies only to students in the hybrid section.
3.- Check in the news media  for news on local, regional, continental or worldwide natural disasters.
4.- Submit work on time; the system will not allow late submission. Only Microsoft Word file documents are accepted.
5.- Visit the web sites assigned for each topic.