On-Line, Asynchronous, Self-Paced,  Course Concept
On-line means communicating through the Internet using the WWW as a resource

Asynchronous is teaching/learning using computers and information technology to work remotely from anywhere at anytime; that is, interacting with the instructor and other students but without the requirement to be online at the same time.  All the activities in the course are administered through the Internet. Synchronous (Face-to-Face or telephone contact) is not used and should not be expected.

Self-Paced is a flexible online format for programmed self instruction with frequent activities to monitor your progress. Assignments are administered through the Internet. These asynchronous courses require time, self-discipline, and independent thinking. 

This approach is an alternative to the traditional lecture/programmed testing mode used in most courses. There are no class sessions instead  Internet interactive virtual classes are implemented whereby students visit specific sites. 

Students do not attend classroom for lectures instead they do:  (1) readings from the textbook,  and  (2) programmed activities using the course website through the Internet for each unit of the course. In the self-paced format the rate of progress in the course is controlled by your effort. However, there are pre-determined dates, by which time you must have had completed some assignments and finished essays. 

Grading: Final grade in these courses results from the average of: (1) grades from twelve/fifteen short-answer assignments (40%); (2) three written five- to ten pages topic essays (50%); and (3) weekly posting of news in the Participation Forum (10%). All the work in this course should be submitted electronically through the Internet.

Computer Literacy: Students are expected to be proficient in the use of
computers including word processing, document formating (Microsoft word), e-mail, posting attachments, and to have experience in browsing the Internet. Students need to be comfortable using a web browser.

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