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The Habilitation Process:

What is the Habilitation Process?


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What is the Habilitation Process? 

The habilitation process is a way to train students in the use of the website for the course. It is designed to give students the opportunity to become familiar with the processes and methods used throughout the course.
This habilitation processes is designed to prepare you to become acquainted with the way this course and it components (WebCT platform and Website) work. It is meant to give you a quick start and confidence in the use of the website for the course. The course is structured in a didactic system that requires that you follow the procedures and regulations in a systematic way; consequently I have prepared this habilitation section to show the way into the procedures and practice so at the end of this section you should be able to work with confidence and without difficulties. This process can be viewed as a tutorial I used in my teaching.
The first two weeks of the semester are planned for the habitation process (getting you prepared to work in this class); it is your responsibility to follow the instructions and to comply with the procedures on how to do the different everyday activities.




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