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THE DO’S and DON'TS of this Course

 I complied this set of DO’S and DON'TS based on my experience teaching online courses for the last eight consecutive semesters. I would like to share them with you because I strongly feel they will help us to have a successful and happy term. Please read them and follow them throughout. I do expect all the students in my courses to comply with these regulations setup in form of a series of Rules.


 Rule # 1:
All your corresponding with me should be via the WebCT mail, DO use it as much as you need to get in touch with me. I DON'T reply to any mail sent to my FIU address.
Rule # 2:
It is likely that I will be off campus while teaching these online courses particularly in Summer semesters, likely in my field station in Mexico. So complications may develop in term of communication since I will be in remote rural areas w/o electricity or telephone, or Internet!. Be patient while I take care of the problem. In the event of a complication: DON'T contact the web master or the Online Office they will not be able to assist you or resolve any academic problems. For technical problems with the WebCT platform DO contact them immediately..
Rule # 3:
DON'T call the geology office in the event of a academic or technical problem, even if you think is a big, serious problem for you; the secretaries and other personnel in the Geology office will not be able to help you. I will be entirely responsible for making sure that the course moves on.
Rule # 4:
I will normally answer e-mails twice a week (Wed and Sat.) so DON'T expect an immediate reply to your e-mails. As indicated in the syllabus, you must ask questions or clarifications ahead of time. DON'T wait to the day before the exam, or assignments, or essays are due to ask questions since I may not be able to reply right away. Also, keep in mind that you are one of the many students taking my online courses.
Rule # 5:
In sending your essays make sure that you DON'T  get an error notification from the WebCT. If you receive an error message you DO need to make sure to correct the error before you attempt to resubmit. But DON'T sent your work more than one time, this will only overload my Inbox.
Rule # 6:
All your work must be sent electronically only, using the corresponding links in the WebCT platform.  I DON'T  accept work sent outside the corresponding links. DO check  the 'My Grades' section of the Course Menu in the WebCT platform  periodically. Grades will be posted within the following 8-10 days. You should be able to see the status of your submissions and the corresponding grade will appear as soon as I grade the work.
Rule # 7:
Unexpected changes in the syllabus DO occur, so you must revisit the syllabus node periodically and also check your WebCT e-mail at least twice a week.
Rule # 8:
Be aware that problems beyond my control DO happen during a semester. For example, the FIU server may go dawn unexpectedly. DON'T panic and if such is the case wait for my instructions, if needed you will be given extra time to submit your work.
Rule # 9:
Essays are to be submitted on time only and according to the guidelines, DON'T expect extensions or exceptions, as they will not be granted to any one in the class. Only electronic submission of essays is allowed using the corresponding links in the WebCT platform. DO practice in advance the submission of essays as attachments of your WebCT e-mail , DON'T wait to the deadline to find out how to submit them since problems could occur at your end. You will ONLY be excused from not submitting essays when problems due to malfunction at my end (FIU). DO keep a copy of all your files related to this course at least until the end of the semester. You may be asked to resubmit a file more than once due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., file corruption during electronic transmission).
Rule # 10:
For fully online, asynchronous, self paced courses: DON'T expect face-to-face or telephone contact with me since such synchronous communications defeat the principles of fully online teaching-learning; all the contact with me should be via the WebCT e-mail only. DO feel free to write to me as many times as you need to ask questions or for clarifications. DON'T wait until the end of the semester to know  your performance in the course, visit the 'My Grades' section in the Course Menu of the WebCT platform to check your grades..
Rule # 11:
DON'T expect negotiations or exemptions in this course, all the administrative matters will be ruled by the stipulations in the syllabus. DO setup your grade expectations in this class and make your grade calculations based on the grading system for this class.
Rule # 12:
DON'T panic, access codes will be sent via the WebCT e-mail during the first week of the semester. DON'T call the geology office or the Online Office. DO check your WebCT e-mail.
Well, it may seem like too many rules and regulations but they are meant to expedite my teaching and facilitate your learning in these online courses. At the long run we all will benefit from these rules and I am confident that we all will have a GREAT SEMESTER.

 ©José F. Longoria, 1998;  Last updated January, 1st., 2008. Comments : Prof. Longoria