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Welcome to the Habilitation Process

The Habilitation Process:

What is the Habilitation Process?


Visit the following WebPages and proceed according to the instructions in each topic.












 What is an assignment?

Each unit in the course contains three components: Topics, Activities, and Abilities.  The Abilities component reflects your proficiency in the unit thus they become the 'assignments". It is the work you have to submit, thus, it is regarded as an Assignment or the job or work that is submitted as homework.

An Assignment is the work you must send at the end of each unit. Assignments consist of a series of questions and issues, listed as abilities that you should have learned by the end of each Unit; being able to answer or address those questions implies that you have mastered the topics of the unit.

To Submit Work:

You should plan in advance to send your work do not wait until five minutes before the time due.  Absolutely, no exceptions, no work will be accepted outside the corresponding links in the WebCT platform, avoid having rejected work.

You should include your name, course number, and assignment on the upper right corner of ALL your documents submitted, including PE entries, and assignments. See examples below.


Format for the Submission of  Assignments:

Assignments must be submitted electronically by assignment number using the corresponding link in the "Submit Work" section of the Course Menu of the WebCT platform. To submit an assignment follow the procedures outlined below:


Hybrid Modality and Asynchronous Modality: Assignments must be send in a Microsoft Word file only. Work submitted in other formats will be rejected and assigned the grade of ZERO.  You should include your name, course number, and assignment on the upper left corner of ALL your documents submitted. See the example below

Type the answers to the abilities and save them in a word document. You should give a short name to the file, Suggestion: A0.doc, and so on.
Save the word document, but make sure you know where it is being saved.
From the Course Menu select <Submit Work>
This window will appear to the right of the Course Menu: Click on the Assignment you want to send

The following window appears:
Then, click on 'Upload file' and locate your word file (you should know where you saved the word file containing the answers of your assignment.
After you Finnish the process of uploading the file, then click on 'Submit assignment'

You are finished.!

 Check in "My Grades" for your grade in a few days.


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