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Participation Forum (Website Review): What is the Participation Forum?

The Participation Forum should be viewed  as a way to expand your knowledge  beyond the Course Plan. You can chose the topics and sites that best fit your scientific curiosity but corresponding to the topics of the week. Thus, giving you an opportunity to expand your horizons in Earth Sciences. Keep in mind that this is a science class, ONLY scientific topics are posted herein. Pseudoscience, creation research, religion and religion science research are not adequate for the purpose of this PF.


How is the PF graded?

Ten percent of your final grade in this course will be derived from your weekly postings in the Participation Forum. Late submission of weekly entries will not be accepted and will be graded as 0. A total of 13 entries are required, one per week, starting on the third week of classes.
Entries are rated according to their scientific content following these criteria: Unacceptable (0 pts); *poor (2.5); **good (5.0 pts), ***excellent (7.7 pts).


What is a  the PF entry?

Entries for the Participation Forum consist of a website containing materials relevant to any of the topics in the Course Contents that you have found in searching the WWW.  Sites on any aspect of Environmental Geology and Natural and Human Induced Disasters  (geology, biology, chemistry, physics) are  considered; however, only sites by government, universities, scientific associations, research institutions; exceptionally excellent site operated by private corporations or  individuals are included.  News sites (e.g., CBS, CNN, Discover, National Geographic, etc.) are not considered entries for the PF since those sites have a short time existence; however, they can be submitted for extra credit or group discussion in this class.

Format for the PF Entries:

You should submit your entries by e-mail to the Instructor using ONLY the corresponding link in "Participation Forum" section of the Course Menu of the WebCT platform. You only need to send the URL (Internet address) of the site; and a short narrative of the site highlighting the relevant points. Type and save the required information (see above) and save it in a word document file following the format given below. Upload the file in the corresponding link in the WebCT platform. See the examples below, you must follow this format including the heading Posted by:

PF Entry Format

Note that the text is made of three parts:

(1) Posted by: and the whole name, and date

(2) the description of the website under review

(3) the URL or Internet address of the site used.

Also note that the entry must be typed in single spaced form.

Before submitting your entry, visit the Participation Forum. Review the postings by other students in the class since you are not allow to post the same entry. Website used in your essays and in any of part of the Course Contents should not be used as your entries for the PF, you will not receive credit for those and your grade for it will be 0 (zero).
To check if your entry has already been submitted do the following:
(1) Using the Internet Explorer open the Course Contents page.
(2) Click here to open the Participation Forum and view the entries posted by other members of the course
(3) Click on the link <Click here to open the Participation Forum and view the entries posted by other members of the course>
(4) Locate the cursor on the Participation Forum page
(5) Go to Edit and select <Find (on This Page)> from the drop menu. See image below:

(6) In the <Find what:> box type or paste the URL of the page you are interested in submitting to the PF.

If the topic or entry is already in the PF it will be located and highlighted. You should go back to your search and find another entry, do the same procedure until you find one that is not already posted.

Once you have located an entry (Website) that is available, that is, it has not been submitted before, copy the URL (address of the Website). Go to the ‘Submit Work’ section of the Course Menu in the WebCT platform of your course, click on the PF Entry (1, 2, 3, etc).
PF entries should be sent ONLY using the corresponding link in the "Submit Work" section of the Course Menu of the WebCT Platform. Keep in mind that accepted entries are rated according to the scientific or technical significance of the entry.

How to submit your PF Entry: Review the rules before sending your entry.


NOTE: You must ONLY send the entry using the corresponding links in the WebCT platform. Absolutely, no exceptions, no work will be accepted outside the corresponding links in the WebCT platform, avoid having rejected work.
Follow these Steps to submit a PF (Website Review) Entry
1.- Locate the URL (website) you want to submit
2.- Verify that your entry has not been included in the PF. Copy the website address (URL) by placing the cursor on the address line of your Internet browser. NOTE: follow the instructions given in ‘Participation Forum’ link of the Course Menu of the WebCT Platform.
3.- Open your word processor (Microsoft Word) and paste on the blank page the address of the website you selected.
4.- Follow this format
5.- Save your Microsoft Word document
6.- Access the WebCT platform (http://online.fiu.edu)
7.- Click on Submit Work
8.- Identify the Participation Forum (Website Review) entry you want to submit.
9.- Upload your file
10.- Click on Submit Assignment

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