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Welcome to the Habilitation Process

Student Learning Agreement = NARRATIVE


 What is the Student Learning Agreement (SLA)?

The SLA is a process I use in my online teaching to assess student's goals in this class, as well as to find out the expectations each student has from this class. I also use the SLA as a way to improve my teaching and to receive suggestions for issues and themes I can incorporate in the course.
The SLA can be viewed as a Narrative of your expectations in this class, I have structured the SLA in the form of a questionnaire  made of 12 questions which you can answer in as much detailed as needed. The SLA is considered as an assignment, A0, for this class.
Procedure to submit your work:
1.- Type the answers to the twelve questions in a Microsoft Word document. You should include your name, course number, and assignment number on the upper right corner as stated in the procedure to Submit Work <http://www.fiu.edu/~longoria/habilitation/assig-submit.htm>
2.- Save de document and name it A0.doc (Make sure you know where in your computer you saved the file).
3.- Go to the WebCT platform <http://webct.fiu.edu>, and log in your course. Use the corresponding link (Practice Assignment, A0).
4.- Select Submit Work from the Course Menu
5.- Click on NARRATIVE
6.- Upload the file and click on Attach file
7.- Click on the send button.
Your file should have been uploaded!

Questionnaire: you are required to answer this questionnaire within the first two weeks of classes. Please explain in detail your viewpoints.

Note: Follow the procedure to submit work in this class.

1. Explain the reason your are taking this course.

2. Suggest measurements to alleviate the current path of environmental deterioration.

3. List some topics you would like to address in this course.

4. Suggest ways to evaluate students in this class.

5. Give some suggestions on the the way to conduct this class.

6. List extra credit activities you would like to do.

7. Do you have preference on essay topics? List them

8. What do you expect to learn in this class?

9. Describe yourself as a student.

10. Explain how important is for you to be informed about natural disasters and environmental issues

11. How do you feel about the use of the Internet in the teaching / learning process?

12. How do you feel about removing the presence of a professor from the classroom?


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