Environmental Geology



Course Plan


GLY3039 requires time and discipline. Students in this class need: (1)  to devote time to read the posted materials in the website, (2) to do the browsing for specific activities, and (3) to follow the instructions given at the beginning of the term. Consequently this course requires time so if you are busy, or overloaded with courses, or have a busy personal schedule, or plan to travel during the semester, or if you feel you  will learn better in a face-to-face (traditional) modality you may not be suited to a course like this, if you have to make a change do it now. 

The first two weeks of the semester are programmed to give students time to become familiar with the way these asynchronous and hybrid courses are conducted and to become used to the Web site. Work for these two weeks is devoted to getting students familiar with teaching/learning style of the course and for students gaining acquaintance with the online procedures used in this course, which will be strictly followed during the semester.  The sooner you start the sooner you will be prepared for the semester!

SECTION 0: Habilitation
Week 1:
Introduction || Course Setup || Headcount
Student Learning Agreement (Narrative)
Week 2:
Organization and expectations:
Access Codes; Practice Assignment (Assignment 0)
Participation Forum Entry
SECTION I: Foundations

Week 3:

Introduction: Chapter 1. Assignment 1

Rocks and Minerals: Chapter 2. Assignment 2

SECTION II: Internal Processes

Week 4::

Plate Tectonics: Chapter 3. Assignment 3

Earthquakes: Chapter 4. Assignment 4

Week 5: 

Volcanoes: Chapter 5. Assignment 5


SECTION III: Surface Processes

Week 6:

Streams and Flooding: Chapter 6. Assignment 6

Coastal Zones and Processes: Chapter 7

Week 7:  

Mass Movements: Chapter  8. Assignment 7


Week 8:  

Deserts and Desertification: Chapter 9. Assignment 8

SECTION IV: Resources

Week 9: 

Water as a Resource: Chapter 10.   Assignment 9


Week 10:

Soil as a Resource: Chapter 11.  Assignment 10


Week 11:
Mineral Resources: Chapter 12. Assignment 11
Week 12:
Energy Resources: Chapters 13 and 14. Assignment 12

SECTION V: Waste Disposal and Pollution

Week 13: 

Waste Disposal: Chapter 15. Assignment 13


Week 14:

Water Pollution; Chapter 16. Assignment 14


Week 15: 

Air Pollution, Chapter 17. Assignment 15


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