Environmental Geology


Welcome to the Habilitation Process

The Habilitation Process:

What is the Habilitation Process?


Visit the following WebPages and proceed according to the instructions in each topic.












The Work you Need to Do in this Class

This course requires time and self-discipline so if you are busy, or overloaded with courses, or have a busy personal schedule, or plan to travel during the semester, or need a professor to sit with you to do your work, you may not be suited to a course like this; if you have to make a change do it now.
Even during the first week of the semester you will have work to submit, an advantage of this teaching/learning modality is that you do not have upper boundaries, also, you can finish the course as early as you want; but not later that the deadlines in the schedule.

There are three types of work you need to complete in this class throughout the semester:

1.- Assignments:  a maximum of 15 (40%).
2.- Participation Forum Entries (Website Review): a maximum  of 13 (10%)
3.- Essays: a total of 3 (50%).
Visit the 'Submit Work' section of the Course Menu in the WebCT platform to view the deadlines for submitting work. All the work is due on the Saturday of the corresponding week at 11:55 PM.  Absolutely, no extensions and incomplete will be given in this class. Note that the deadlines are fixed in the WebCT platform and I can not accept any work outside the corresponding links. For general clarification I can state that missing one or two assignments will not drastically damage your final grade. Review the procedures and rules to send the work in this class. Absolutely, no extensions and incomplete will be given in this class.






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