Work in Paleobiology
I have focused on phylogenetic and evolutionary aspects of Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera. I am currently working on problems related to the evolution, biological transformation and extinction of Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera. My main goal is to relate the processes of biological transformation to both terrestrial and extraterrestrial causes.
Another aspect of my paleobiological investigations includes global biological changes in the Cretaceous. My goal here is to investigate the relationship between changes in biodiversity through time and biological changes observed in the stratigraphic record and their possible relations to global astronomical changes.

Some of the results of my paleobiological investigations include: 1) The establishment of a cladistic approach in the study of planktonic foraminifera. 2) The recognition of biological transformation such as neoteny among planktonic foraminifera before the major extraterrestrial impact. 3) The definition of a standard biochronology for the K/T boundary event in Mexico. 4) The periodicity in planktonic foraminiferal evolutionary trends.

K Forams in thin section || The Nature of the K/T Boundary in Mexico  || Records of Forams'98 ||

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