Volcano Popocatepetl

Active, Stratovolcano

One of the most observed volcanoes in the world!

It is locaded in Central Mexico(19.0N, 98.6W), about 70 km southeast of Mexico City, at 5465 m (17,925 feet) of elevation. It is one of the several active volcanoes that form the Trans-Volcanic Belt of Mexico (also know as Neo-Volcanic Axes = Eje Neovolcanico in the physiographic map of INEGI). The Popocatepetl (nick named El Popo) and associated chain of volcanoes are a part of the present-day magmatic arc of southwestern Mexico. It existance is related to the geodynamics of the North American and Coco plates. El Popo is a major geological hazards in Mexico, if a sudden eruption would take place, it may result in one of the most dramatic natural disasters in contemporaneous history of Mexico due to the fact that El Popo is located near one of the world's most populated areas: Mexico City and the nearby populations of Puebla and Cuernavaca among others.

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